Abbreviations used in The List are displayed in the table below. For consistency, the abbreviations used at have been used.

Abbreviations – Nuclei

Posteroventral Cochlear NucleusPVCNBrainstem
Medial Geniculate NucleusMGNThalamus
Lateral Geniculate NucleusLGNThalamus
Dorsal Cochlear NucleusDCNBrainstem
Anteroventral Cochlear NucleusAVCNBrainstem
Anterior Olfactory NucleusAONForebrain
Gustatory NucleusGNMedulla
Suprachiasmatic NucleusSCNHypothalamus
Primary Visual CortexV1
Primary Auditory CortexA1Temporal Lobe
Secondary Auditory CortexA2Temporal Lobe
Medial Nucleus of the Trapezoid BodyMNTBSuperior Olivary Complex
Lateral Nucleus of the Trapezoid BodyLNTBSuperior Olivary Complex
Ventral Nucleus of the Trapezoid BodyVNTBSuperior Olivary Complex
Ventral Nucleus of the Lateral LemniscusVNLLBrainstem
Medial Superior OliveMSOSuperior Olivary Complex
Lateral Superior OliveLSOSuperior Olivary Complex
Anterior (Rostral) Periolivary NucleusAPOSuperior Olivary Complex
Superior (Dorsomedial) Periolivary Nucleus SPONSuperior Olivary Complex
Posteroventral Periolivary Nucleus PVPOSuperior Olivary Complex
Posterior Periolivary Nucleus PPOSuperior Olivary Complex
Ventromedial Periolivary Nucleus VMPOSuperior Olivary Complex
Anterolateral Periolivary Nucleus ALPOSuperior Olivary Complex
Ventrolateral Periolivary Nucleus VLPOSuperior Olivary Complex
Dorsolateral Periolivary Nucleus DLPOSuperior Olivary Complex
Dorsal Periolivary Nucleus DPOSuperior Olivary Complex
Dorsal Nucleus of the Lateral Lemniscus DNLLBrainstem
Intermediate Nucleus of the Lateral LemniscusINLLBrainstem
Inferior ColliculusICMidbrain
Inferior Colliculus - Central NucleusICCMidbrain
Inferior Colliculus - CortexICXMidbrain
Inferior Colliculus -Nucleus BrachiumNBICMidbrain
Superior ColliculusSCMidbrain
Cuneiform NucleusCNFMidbrain Reticular Formation
Periaquaductal GreyPAGMidbrain, Tegmentum
Suprageniculate (Posterior) Nucleus of the ThalamusSGThalamus
Ventromedial Nucleus of HypothalamusVMHHypothalamus
Subparafascicular NucleusSPFThalamus
Dorsal HypothalamusHDAHypothalamus
Olfactory TubercleOLTOlfactory Cortex
Lateral HypothalamusHLAHypothalamus
Medial Vestibular NucleusVSMMedulla
Lateral Vestibular NucleusVSLMedulla
Inferior Vestibular NucleusVSIMedulla
Superior Vestibular NucleusVSSPons
Posteromedial Nucleus of the ThalamusPoMThalamus
Lateral Posterior nucleus of the ThalamusLPThalamus
Ventral Lateral Nucleus of the ThalamusVLThalamus
Spinal Trigeminal NucleusVSpMedulla

Abbreviations – Neurons/Cells

Retinal Ganglion CellRGCRetina/Optic Nerve
Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion CellsiPRGCsRetina/Optic Nerve
Outer Hair CellOHCCochlea, sensory epithelium
Inner Hair CellIHCCochlea, sensory epithelium
Spiral Ganglion NeuronSGNCochlea/Auditory Nerve
Lateral Olivocochlear NeuronsLOCSuperior Olivary Complex
Medial Olivocochlear NeuronsMOCSuperior Olivary Complex