Connectomics – Looking at the bigger picture.

I've finally stumbled upon this talk from Sebastian Seung about mapping the connectome - all of the synaptic connections within a brain - which makes the Open Neuron Project feel small by comparison. 

But, I won't despair, my goal of identifying the connections for individual cell types can only be made easier by a better mapped brain. I also feel that the information needs to be presented in a simple, easy to follow manner, e.g. it is easier to look at a population of neurons and see where they project to than each individual neuron among thousands.

So, I think the Open Neuron Project is complimentary to ambitious large-scale projects like the connectome project. I am also providing the list openly as it grows, which may be frustrating for people interested in areas I haven't looked at yet, but theoretically allows me to update the information whenever I find more up to date information.

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