The trouble with classifications.

While reading about the visual pathway, I guess I realised the futility of this exercise. Classifications by scientists rarely appear logical to those outside the field, I was looking for information about different types of Retinal Ganglion Cell (RGC) as I was interested in separating out the different visual pathways. I came across a system of classification that seemed to defy logic:
M-type, or Parasol RGCs,
P-type, or Midget RGCs,
and Non-M, Non-P type.
I quickly learnt that P is for parvo, Latin for small and M is for Magno, Latin for large. But I hope the problem with this kind of classification system is glaringly obvious.
Therefore I guess a decision has to be made and as Midget and Parasol cells are already in The List, I will be leaving them there rather than shoe-horning in the M and P types.

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